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Dear Redditors

I sent you a PM with some instructions for getting started, where I confused the “My Table” and “Yourname Table” links, now properly described in the revised version of these instructions below. I will also add new links to documentation here as soon as I have written it.

Thank you for trying it out, please let me know of any comments you have via the email that was included in the PM!


Getting started:

Click on the “Log In” link and then on the “Register” link to register an Account,

Please register using the same username as you have on reddit – this is not necessary, but I can generate codes based on usernames that give access to all the features. If you want to use a different username, please just send me an email with that username to and I will send a code for that username.

When you have registered your account, you get to the start page where you can edit the code under “Promotion code” and hit “Submit code” to get access to all the features.

The main difference with/without a code is that without a code, game sessions are only stored in the HTML5 database in the client’s browser, whereas with a code you get to save your session in the database on the server (such that you can resume a game in a different browser on another computer).

Every user gets a link called "My Table" from the start page to their own table where the state is saved in their browser's HTML5 database.

Users who have registered and entered the code will also the ability to create their own table that saves the state to the server-side database. When created, this table can be accessed via a link with the name of your table (We call such a link “Yourname Table”).

To invite others to play, simply send them the link to your table (the “My Table” HTML5 database one or the “Yourname Table” server database one). Just click on the link to go to your table and then copy-paste the url and send it to friends in an email. When they have registered they will be able to follow the link to your table. They don’t need a code to play, but if they would like one let me know.

When you have followed the link to your table, you can load one of the existing boardgame configurations to start playing or you can design your own game.

Pretty much everything you can do is accessible via right-click menu on your table. To load an existing configuration, just right click anywhere on the table and select “File | Load Board”. There will be a few existing configurations for you to play, including Chess, Backgammon, Yatsy and Reversi.

To play games with cards, it is usually necessary to have areas on the board where a card in the area is visible to owners of the area but not to others. In such cases, the game begins by the players taking possession of their areas by right clicking them and selecting “take” in the menu.

To define your own game, an in game editor is available via the right click menu, by selecting “Enter Edit Mode”, the right click menu will then contain many more options for editing the game. The game can also be exported and imported to/from Xml when in edit mode (though this does not work when there are multiple players on the board and there are hidden cards, to prevent cheating). To learn how to define games, you can always try to load an existing board game, export it to xml and see how that game was defined. I will soon complete the site with more documentation about how to define your own games.

There is some more information available in the About section and some of the existing games have help texts available via the Help menu option in the right click menu.